FOR Sale

 All rabbits full pedigree-I breed all year-I cull hard and have only a few a year to sell.Rabbits offered will be of good quality ( my opinion) but may not be 100% show quality -but all will be of value to a Tri breeder just starting up or wanting to improve their herd. I do not sell pet quality .

I travel to shows in Mich.- Ohio- NY- or most often have Transport to most large events ( Nationals - Convention etc) also to most or all of Ontario Canada shows .I do not Creek tri are always on the show table and have achieved numerous wins including BOB BOV BOV BIS RIS  .A lot of my original stock was from 2nd Tri Rabbitry in Texas - but also have other lines running in my breeding program.  =Briallu-Icebox-Broadfoot's-Broady's-Stuewe's- DTT's- Marovee's                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


  • $80.00- $250.00 each with pedigree( brood or possible showable) my opinion only
  • No sales to any minor unless permission from parent or guardian.
  • Everything  could be for sale ( with some exception)
    I try very hard to price animals as "I" see them - I try not to price highly just because they are tri- all in my for sale area are not perfect( or they would not be there" but I feel they are worthy of helping someone else in a tri program. I cull hard and donot sell for Pets .

I have nothing to offer at this time I may have some available in the fall -updated July 2018